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Many people think stained glass is just work on windows but it can also be three dimensional structures and sculptures.

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Stained glass is still widely used for different things. There was a time when stained glass was deceased but then it later got revived.

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Stained glass is sometimes difficult to make but if the artist is skilled enough they will produce beautiful designs Free Essays words 1. In , Saint Louis bought the crown of thorns from Venetian merchants for , pounds. In addition, he obtained fragments of the Holy Cross fragments as well as instruments of torture bought from Baudoin II, the king of Jerusalem in Jordan Powerful Essays words 6. During this time, the Roman Catholic Church dominated influencing much of the medieval culture and values. Christendom, the Christen community of this time, and their beliefs had infused the writings, art, drama, and music as well.

However, by the thirteenth century, the fusion of architecture, sculpture, painting, metalwork, literature, and music had focused primarily of the Gothic Cathedral.

Hand Painted Stained Glass Windows ‘Fragments’

These works of art as well as the mystery behind them have been appreciated and acknowledged since the days of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome. Laura lives with her brother Tom and her mother Amanda. One day a horse bit me as I was grooming him. He was an old enemy of mine. I fetched him a blow across the nose. Then, when he got a chance, he lashed out at me and caught me a gash over the mouth. I snatched at a hatchet and cut his head. He yelled, fiend as he was, and strained for me with all his teeth bare.

I brought him down. I was sturdy, because we horse-serfs got plenty to eat. I was sturdy, but they flogged me till I did not move. The next night I set fire to the stables, and the stables set fire to the house. I watched and saw the red flame rise and look out of the window, I saw the folk running, each for himself, master no more than one of a frightened party.

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It was freezing, but the heat made me sweat. I saw them all turn again to watch, all rimmed with red. They cried, all of them when the roof went in, when the sparks splashed up at rebound. They cried then like dogs at the bagpipes howling.

The Rocking Horse Winner/A Fragment of Stained Glass (Travelman Classics) (Travelman Classics S.)

Master cursed me, till I laughed as I lay under a bush quite near. I ran for the woods, with fire blazing in my eyes and crackling in my ears. For hours I was all fire. Then I went to sleep under the bracken. When I woke it was evening. I had no mantle, was frozen stiff.

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I was afraid to move, lest all the sores of my back should be broken like thin ice. I lay still until I could bear my hunger no longer. I moved then to get used to the pain of movement, when I began to hunt for food. There was nothing to be found but hips.

A Fragment of Stained Glass

The boughs above me creaked with frost. I started and looked round. The branches were like hair among the starlight. My heart stood still. Again there was a creak, creak, and suddenly a whoop, that whistled in fading. I fell down in the bracken like dead wood.

Glass Fragment | French | The Met

Yet, by the peculiar whistling sound at the end, I knew it was only the ice bending or tightening in the frost. I was in the woods above the lake, only two miles from the Manor. And yet, when the lake whooped hollowly again, I clutched the frozen soil, every one of my muscles as stiff as the stiff earth. So all the night long I dare not move my face, but pressed it flat down, and taut I lay as if pegged down and braced. By afternoon my ache was such it enlivened me. I cried, rocking my breath in the ache of moving.

Then again I became fierce.

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I beat my hands on the rough bark to hurt them, so that I should not ache so much. In such a rage I was I swung my limbs to torture till I fell sick with pain. Yet I fought the hurt, fought it and fought by twisting and flinging myself, until it was overcome. Then the evening began to draw on. All day the sun had not loosened the frost. I felt the sky chill again towards afternoon. Then I knew the night was coming, and, remembering the great space I had just come through, horrible so that it seemed to have made me another man, I fled across the wood. There they must hang, bar-stiff, night after night.

It was a terror worse than any. Turning, blundering through the forest, I came out where the trees thinned, where only hawthorns, ragged and shaggy, went down to the lake's edge. A few wild geese sat out like stones on the sheet of ice. I thought of Martha.

She was the daughter of the miller at the upper end of the lake. Her hair was red like beech leaves in a wind.

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When I had gone often to the mill with the horses she had brought me food. She would bring me bacon and good bread, when I called at the mill with the horses. The thought of cakes of bread and of bacon made me reel as if drunk. I had torn at the rabbit holes, I had chewed wood all day.

In such a dimness was my head that I felt neither the soreness of my wounds nor the cuts of thorns on my knees, but stumbled towards the mill, almost past fear of man and death, panting with fear of the darkness that crept behind me from trunk to trunk. Always I knew the place filled with the buzz of water, but now it was silent. In fear of this stillness I ran forward, forgetting myself, forgetting the frost. The wood seemed to pursue me. I fell, just in time, down by a shed wherein were housed the few wintry pigs.

The miller came riding in on his horse, and the barking of dogs was for him.