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Tried to backup a single app from the backup section on the main screen. I get the error:. ADB was working, and the device was connected, according to the popup message. I will see if I can figure out what caused that. Thank you for the info. It set Bluestacks as the default device when the nexus was connected. Once I shut down Bluestacks, it all worked fine. I intend to convert the device to F2FS soon, and am going to be using NRT to do the flashing once the file system is changed.

Do you know offhand if there will be any problems with doing it this way? Thanks for letting me what caused it. I just added a quick line of code so that if it fails populating the app list, it will just give a blank pull-down menu, rather than crashing on you with that error. Regarding your question, as long as the files you are flashing are designed for f2fs, it should be fine.

Nexus Root Toolkit v2.1.9

It was Bluestacks android emulator. Added a fix in this 1. Your app is really good. However I got a minor bug: After rooting process, the Cast Screen option on the quick configuration menu just disappeared. The fun thing here is that I am able to cast fine through the regular enabled Chromecast apps like Netflix or Youtube, so it is not a Chormecast config issue.

Thanks man. My mini USB is fried and I need to send it in for warranty.. But want to unroot first. Any ideas? Should be stock ROM and recovery. I rooted and unlocked with toolkit v1. Always allows up as unknown device. Then you are in luck. You must follow these steps in the exact order: 1.

Android 6.x Marshmallow tutorials, tips and tricks

Grant that app Superuser permissions, use it to reset the tamper flag if applicable to your device and also to re-lock your device. Now once you are certain that your are relocked, open Busybox if you have it , and hit Uninstall 5.

Your device will be wiped, unrooted, relocked, and stock assuming you still have stock recovery and are running the stock ROM. You would need a usb connection working then. When I download the boot unlocker it says I need to have a rooted device to use. My device is not rooted, but unlocked. Should be stock for both. I rooted and then mistakenly updated to 4. Thanks for this great tool. I need to ask, the Nandroid backup feature, where does it store the back up? On the device sdcard, afterwards it uses adb pull to store it on your computer wherever you specify.

So it stores the backup on the sdcard temporarily only, correct? I asked because I have no idea how much space it would use. I have a Nexus 5 with 3. Would that suffice? However, the RSA fingerprint that is suppose to show up on my phone when connected in adb debugging mode does not show up when the NRT is opened.

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Can you please help me. Thanks for the great tool and the steady enhancements. I have been thinking of updating to KitKat with the new CyanogenMod installer. If I choose to go back to a stock build is it as easy ass using the Nexus Root Toolkit to install a Google image? I got this: fastboot flash bootloader bootloader-mako-makoz20i. Please answer me! Answer quickkly Please! Full nandroid are one of the benefits of being unlocked. Your only backup options before hand are android backup files, and just copy pasting anything from your sdcard on to your computer.

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Easy on the caps lock, its the equivalent of screaming at someone. In Bootloader 4. Yes, I probably should fork the backup stuff into another app — those adb backup features should work for any kitkat device, same deal with the screen recording all 4.

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Before rooting I need to know what would happen on a tablet with multiple user accounts multi-user feature … Does NRT support backing up multiple users? Do I have to make a manual backup for every user? How would this best be done? Is there an FAQ somewhere that I did not find? Does nobody else have this problem? A quick Google search is telling me that adb backup only works on the primary user.

I found a thread where someone said they tried to use my kit on the secondary users with adb backup and it just returned a 0KB file. Looks like you would need root so you could use Titanium backup pro with multiple profiles option, or just make full nandroids. I guess multi-user is still relatively new. Hopefully Google will improve adb backup in the future.

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  4. Follow the instructions. You will have to boot your device into bootloader mode and configure the fastboot driver, which you should be able to do — then you can get everything back up and working. Thanks NRT! I messed up my phone so i decided to unroot it completely back so…it works! I tried some of the others out there but none of them can do what this tool does. I put some jingle in your pocket in appreciation to your hard work. Even what appears to be a small change can take hours and hours of blood, sweat and tears.

    Again, thank you! Thanks man! Most appreciated. Yes, this program has come a long way from when I started it. Happy to hear that you are utilizing all the features! Please provide more details… What happens? I personally run Win 8. Its fully compatible. You need to explain what occurs. I have used NRT since 1. It is not a USB driver issue. I have done several Flash Stocks but the problem persists.

    Flashing stock does wipe everything. Then reflash stock. I am trying to get my Nexus 7 v2 back up and running. It tells me to press any key to exit and nothing on my tablet has changed. I have tried everything the instructions have told me to, but nothing. It seems nothing can talk to my tablet.

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    Anyway to force my tablet to except this stuff. My N7 goes up on the Device Manager list of windows, so it is being recognized. I can get to the bootloader screen also. Not sure what my next step is. Please help. Have you unlocked your device yet?

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    Unlocking is a prerequisite for flashing stock. If you have unlocked, please post a screenshot of the failed flash. It says on the bootloader screen that my locked state is locked.