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Kiplingers looked for majors whose graduates—both recent grads within the past five years and those well into their careers—face a brutal combination of low compensation and high unemployment. Or how to take a college major with a statistically low level of compensation and a high degree of competition to get a great job. Yes, you can do it! Great written communication skills are always an asset. Write for the school paper, publish your work and make sure your job correspondence is free of grammatical errors to showcase your skills. What jobs require written communications skills? Oh, there are lots of them:.

Try to parlay your written communications skills into an area of specialty to turn this skill into a lucrative career. If this area of speciality is also your passion, you are all set and you will never feel like you work a day in your life! Sociology is the study of human behavior so I am thinking marketing: mystery shopper, market research, user experience for website design, consumer market research aka telephone surveys.

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You have to be savvy at marketing yourself. Learn to build a social media following in order to sell your own creations. You are a creative spirit so you can do this too! Creating a brand of YOU will also give you geographic flexibility.

College Majors that Lead to High Paying Jobs

This is my professional background so my pet peeve is a student portfolio of just class projects. Please get some real world experience by doing freelance or volunteer graphic design projects to put into your portfolio. This will also give you need experience to master the software you are using to do the work. An internship should be particularly easy for these majors.

Do a few in a variety of industries: design studios, ad agencies, in-house marketing departments. You can also do paid internships as your first job out of college or art school. I think you need to couple this with foreign language skills to make this a marketable career.

Expertise in Islam with language fluency in Farsi, Arabic and French will open doors for you for example. Will anyone pay you to ponder the nature of the world? Perhaps not. Or maybe a greeting card company would. For photography, that is Photoshop. Make sure you get practical technical skills to parlay into your first job. Your creative skills can be developed there as well. I would never pick a college major for the highest paying job right out of college.

Do you remember that landmark Stanford study of what kids could delay gratification and how that predicted future success? Who knew that refusing a marshmallow in hand for two in twenty minutes would be so telling!

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Some of these professions pay well as new grads but cap out without further high education so just beware of that! I think your warning that some careers pay great right off the bat but then cap out is SO important. I also love the examples you give of how to make a non-practical major a little more lucrative.

Great post! Thanks MaryAnne, I guess having 25 years in recruiting means you can never take your career advice hat off!

10 college degrees that lead to high-paying jobs

Those articles are kinda, sorta correct but can also lead kids astray. Just wanted to make sure parents and kids are well informed. Never give up your dream in a particular major just because some list says you will never get a job or make a lot of money. That is simply not true.

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  • Great perspective Mia. Hi iGameMom, I found the list misleading so I was motivated to post. Well this is interesting. Actually, there are so many reasons why this is interesting. But not at the time! It was art all the way! Hi Jeanette, I think artists, like authors, need to know how to market and sell their own work. It should be part of their professional training: how to make a website, Marketing , the basics of accounting, etc.

    It could be your reason. It could be one of your reasons.

    Does the College Major Matter? Not Really

    Second, a college job either on campus or off is just as likely to generate future career possibilities as what you major in. If you know your major was chosen for personal satisfaction, rather than professional, make sure you leverage this option. Third, take all such lists with a grain of salt.

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    3. New study shows careers and college majors often don't match - CBS News.

    The First Lady has a sociology degree. The Cy Young Winner was an English major. Hi Sprite, You are absolutely right! I also want to emphasize how valuable college internships are and that getting real world experience is a very helpful step in getting a job after college, but following your heart is also important.

    My example, my dad friend Josh, had an offer Wall Street analyst job out of college. This is the highest paying job on the planet and his friend who helped get him it thought he was crazy to turn it down.

    What Major Should I Choose? Help Me!

    Magazine because he thought publishing was more interesting. I know he tutored and he did something else as well but I forget. Now he is a publisher at Harvard Business School Publishing. Had he taken the analyst position on Wall Street who knows what would have happened? But he had the forethought to take the very low paying job that interested him and use it as a stepping stone rather than take the Golden Handcuff job. A theatre arts degree is the perfect primer — for a career as a waiter in one of the finest restaurants in town.

    If you want to be an actor, most experts suggest jumping in and just being an actor. However, many people enter the career without a degree at all. In fact, the most important qualities for a career in fashion design are the inherent skill it takes to design clothing and accessories and an innate artistic ability.

    But the news gets even worse, since securing a job in this field — degree or not — might not be that easy. Microelectronics is the study and manufacture of tiny electronic devices and instruments.

    Top 10 College Majors That Lead to Good Careers