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It's a roller coaster of emotion and nail biting as you read this remarkable book. I highly recommend "Divisive" by John Tucker and I'm ready to read the other two books in this remarkable trilogy. As an adult, he amuses himself by searching out dysfunctional single-mother families and manipulating them into eternal destruction. Playing on insecurities, jealousy, and greed, he insinuates himself into their lives playing at peacemaker while in reality, pitting them against each other. Well, they're not exactly sweet and innocent.

In fact, every main character in this book is guilty of something--as people tend to be. While Rask seems to have some sentimental feelings for young girls, he despises women. He may bestow nicknames like Beautiful on women he's "playing," but mentally,he calls them all Bitch or Slut. As his game plays out, he continually weighs the options for the eventual fate of his playthings. On two occasions, girls he planned to let survive disappointed him, and the plans changed accordingly.

If he were a teacher, he'd be the ultimate tough grader. This book kept me reading into the we hours for several nights. John Tucker weaves a time-hopping suspenseful tale that kept me swiping the screen for hours after I told myself to stop. Although I didn't root for Rask as one might in the case of an anti-hero, I had to know if the rat bastard was going to get away with it As Rask puts it, it's what he was born to do.

When Rask politely slithers in as an all around good guy, so does your feeling of dread. Rask dives into the shanty town of dysfunction in the guise of making things better, but it's only the story that gets better and better as he makes things worse and worse for the characters.

He preys upon the vulnerabilities of family strife, manipulates his victims to turn on each other, and compels you to turn the page to see what will happen next.

When Rask thinks of cutting loose some unnecessary baggage, you know exactly what he means, just not how he'll go about it, and not who the fickle bastard will choose as that baggage, either. This guy is a horn-dog, Johnny-on-the-g-spot, conducting incestuously pretzeled three-ways that make plain old cheating pale in comparison.

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Some parts of this book verge on soft porn. Mainstream contemporary readers may feel squeamish at some of the sex scenes, while seasoned readers of erotica will be pleasantly entertained. Word sleuths will enjoy the puns inside the chapter names, the play on words, the nicely drawn metaphors.

There are moments of laugh out loud absurdities, seeing in the mind's eye red and white pom-poms shaking furiously from super-glued palms, the teen slut fanning her face with a WatchTower pamphlet, the trashy lover trying to hold on to her sanity while Rask screams, "It's always all about you! He has the talent of drawing the reader right into the sick machinations of Rask's thoughts, his evil plotting and planning, his wicked past, his manipulations of the present to bring about more evil ploys for the future.

More than once, I found myself comparing John Tucker's writing to that of Stephen King, only Tucker's writing is more up to date on modern culture, a bit more violent, a lot more sexual, and not a bit less suspenseful. The timeline jumps about a bit, but reading the chapter titles and the dates supplied clears up any confusion. I enjoyed the parallel stories, seeing a bit into the detective's life and the other families Rask laid waste to.

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The ending wrapped up on a surprising, but very satisfactory, note. I rate this a high five and look forward to reading other John Tucker novels. See all 36 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published on May 15, Published on July 3, Published on June 17, Published on May 2, Published on March 2, Published on February 11, Published on January 15, Published on August 23, Published on August 16, Published on August 12, Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

He is also a cold-blooded killer. The women and children he enamours never know their fate until it is too late. Detective Frank Bostick knows what kind of a man Rask is, but the evidence is slack and his case becomes more of a personal vendetta than by the book detective work. My emotions ran from anger at the foolish women Rask preyed upon, to deep sadness for the children caught up in his game.

As a self-published first in a trilogy, Divisive is frighteningly riveting.

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You may not want to believe such heinous evil exists in the world, but this story is definitely feasible and will have you questioning the background of those you know and love. Disclosure: I was lucky enough to receive a free Kindle copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Mar 02, Candi Silk rated it it was amazing.

Divisive is 5-star dynamite entertainment! John Tucker is a refreshing voice of fiction and has unleashed his creative talent in crafting an edge-of-the seat psychological thriller, Divisive.

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Tucker pulls out all stops as he allows his cast of characters a wide range of behaviors. Maybe misbehaviors is more accurate.

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By any measure, Divisive is highly entertaining. Chapter by chapter, they become real like your neighbors next door. Tucker lets a great deal of Divisive unfold through crisp dialogue. Tucker tantalizes not only Bostick, but readers as well by dangling any kind of resolution out of reach until the last page. Tucker digs deep behind the veil of human psychology to entertain his readers.

Author John Tucker has earned my 5 stars! Keep writing, Mr. Aug 12, Ame rated it it was amazing. I think if I could have given this book 10 stars, I would have, and then probably asked for more. I am a very picky reader. I also read A LOT. So when someone says they have a really good book I would love, I usually take it with a grain of salt. Just when you think you are going to make sense of something - BAM! He hits you over the head with something totally out of left field. I read this book in one sitting, because there was absolutely no way in hell I was going to put it down until I knew what happened to everyone.

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This book is truly not for the faint of heart - it is sick, twisted, and way beyond the realm of what I am used to reading. There are only a couple of other authors who come close to this - J.

Konrath and Blake Crouch come to mind, and John Tucker is in great company with those two. A phenomenal read - I could not recommend this book any more than I have. It is sheer and utter amazement and depravity personified. One of THE best books I have read in years. May 31, Elle Klass rated it it was amazing. Divisive by John Tucker is arguably one of the best cliffhangers I have ever read. Dennis Rask is a sociopath, who after winning the lottery has preyed on vulnerable families. He sabotages them from the inside out. In Divisive he chooses the Connors a highly dysfunctional mother and two daughters, Emily and Elizabeth.

He wraps them all around his swarthy, scum ridden finger, then one by one dismantles their already deteriorated family. A year previous Mr.

The Rask Trilogy by John Tucker

Connors had passed away and since the mo Divisive by John Tucker is arguably one of the best cliffhangers I have ever read. Connors had passed away and since the mother, Carolyn, drowned the girls in torment and verbal abuse. Dennis Rask with his sweet words and kind gestures is an angel to the Emily and Elizabeth. There are all types of vile characters in this novel, Carolyn may be the most repugnant.

The way she treats her daughters is enough for anyone to cheer Rask on. Jul 06, Evan Bollinger rated it it was amazing. Behind the amicable, genuine appearance of Dennis Rask is an insidious force. Tucker has crafted the perfect psycho. With his easy and trustworthy ways, Rask ingratiates himself. He works his way into families, families riddled with their own insecurities and contradictions, and then he begins. Although the actions of Rask are deplorable, he is not merely a one-dimensional character.

He is intricate and dynamic, a product of his own strained familial relations, and master of his lethal game. His Behind the amicable, genuine appearance of Dennis Rask is an insidious force. His adeptness at winning over the mom and children is almost admirable, even though his intent could not be more dark. Juxtaposed with the cunning Rask is the equally sharp Detective Bostik. Bostik is appalled and disgusted by the ways of the psychopath, and catching this sicko becomes the engrossing mainstay of the novel--despite a dearth of evidence.

Although the novel traces the investigation into the dubious suicides and deaths of the Connors, I found Rask and Bostick to be the most compelling. Be warned: lewdness, perversion and horrid mutilation pervade. However, the violence and sex serve their purpose.

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  5. They are not mindlessly gratuitous--they are there for a reason. And more likely than not, they'll keep the pages turning. That is, if you can stomach the journey May 30, Cindy Smith rated it it was amazing. The police arrive on the scene to find a year old hanging in the closet, a 17 year old has taken an overdose, a male fiance has multiple stab wounds and is blocking the door to the bathroom which holds the mom who has self-inflicted stab wounds and the knife.

    The detective is sure the man is the reason for the whole scene, but can he prove it? A dysfunctional family in Georgia, who lost their father two years previous, is joined by Dennis Rask. Carolyn, the mom, is a drunk and on meds for dep The police arrive on the scene to find a year old hanging in the closet, a 17 year old has taken an overdose, a male fiance has multiple stab wounds and is blocking the door to the bathroom which holds the mom who has self-inflicted stab wounds and the knife.