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Most are oriented towards performing and the musical arts. The main objective of the programme is to preserve schools with strong cultural backgrounds and create bi-cultural environment, to allow capable students to master both English and Chinese. The Gifted Education Programme GEP was set up by the Ministry of Education in amid some public concern to cater to the intellectually gifted students.

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Seven secondary schools originally started the programme, but with the introduction of the Integrated Programme, most have folded the GEP programmes into their IP curriculum. Pupils enter the programme through a series of tests at Primary 3, which will identify the top 1 per cent of the student population. A second selection used to be conducted at Primary 6 for those who do well in the PSLE, but this was discontinued after it was found to be too difficult for these students to catch up with the programme. In the programme, pupils are offered special enrichment programmes to cater for their needs.

However, not all students in GEP are successful. Some are not accustomed to the fast pace of study which affects their performance in the core subjects and may choose not to continue the programme at the secondary level. First introduced in , the programme allows for more time to be allocated to enrichment activities.

By bypassing the GCE "O" level examinations, the students are supposedly given more time and flexibility to immerse themselves in a more broadly-based education. In addition, the students enjoy more freedom in the combination of subjects between Years 1 - 4 as compared to their non-IP counterparts.

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Generally, only the top performers usually from Special, and sometimes Express, stream are eligible to be part of the IP programme. This will ensure that the main body of the students pursue their secondary education at their own pace by first completing a 4-year "O" level course before going on to a 2-year "A" level education as opposed to a 2-year "O" level and 4-year "A" level education.

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The Integrated Programme with the revised Singapore-Cambridge GCE "A" levels or the IB Diploma as a terminal qualification has become an increasingly popular alternative to the standard secondary education pathway. This is because it is perceived as having moved away from the usually heavy emphasis on the sciences, a phenomenon resulting from the post-independence need for quick and basic technical and industrial education; to subjects in the arts and humanities. Such programmes are more project-based and students are expected to be independent learners. Specialised Independent Schools offer specialised education with different focuses.

There are currently four specialised schools in Singapore. Upon completion of the 4- or 5-year secondary school education, students excluding IP students will participate in the annual Singaporean GCE 'O' Level , the results of which determine which pre-universities or post-secondary institutions they may apply for. Junior colleges and the Millennia Institute accept students on merit, with a greater emphasis on academics than vocational technical education.

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Students who wish to pursue vocational education go on to post-secondary institutions such as the polytechnics and the Institute of Technical Education ITE , where they receive a diploma upon successful completion of their courses. This scoring system is based on the 'O' Level subject grades, which range from A1 best to F9 worst. The best L1R5 unmodified score is therefore 6, for a student with A1 grades in six subjects which meet the criteria.

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Students scoring 20 points and below may be admitted for either a Science or Arts Course. Pre-university centres that are particularly associated with academic excellence, however, usually expect students to attain points in the single digits, in order to be admitted. This is because the system is merit-driven, with places given to those with lower scores first.

Students may opt for any of the science, arts or commerce streams when pursuing a three-year pre-university course. However, students will also be required to meet specific prerequisites outlined by the different polytechnic schools they are applying for. Students applying for courses in the Institute of Technical Education ITE Colleges will also have an independent scoring system, depending on the course they are applying for.

Bonus points can be deducted from a student's aggregate score, thus lowering it. These bonus points may come from either scoring an 'A' or 'B' grade in CCA, taking Higher Mother Tongue Language and obtaining a minimum of 'D7', or through affiliation for feeder schools. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main article: Co-curricular activity. Main article: Special Assistance Plan.

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