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Maia Chance, Gin and Panic , about about a New York socialite-turned-detective who takes an assignment to retrieve a rhinoceros trophy from the home of a wealthy big-game hunter who, shortly after they arrive, is shot to death; 3 in the Discreet Retrieval Agency mystery series. Maia Chance, Naughty On Ice , about about a New York socialite-turned-detective and her partner who go to Vermont during the Christmas season to retrieve an antique ring from an elderly woman who subsequently dies from a poisoned cocktail; 4 in the Discreet Retrieval Agency mystery series. Siringo and future author Dashiell Hammett, also a former Pinkerton detective, drawn into a mystery involving Wyatt Earp and a missing horse in Los Angeles.

David Fulmer, The Dying Crapshooter's Blues , about a professional thief who has the misfortune to return to Atlanta in the s in time to witness the shooting of a black gambler by a police officer. Joe Gores, Hammett , a mystery featuring San Francisco mystery writer Dashiell Hammett as sleuth, trying to find out who murdered a friend of his.

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Michael Kilian, The Uninvited Countess , a man-about-town detective investigates the murder of a foreign countess; 2 in the Jazz Age series. Michael Kilian, A Sinful Safari , a gallery owner who is also a detective goes on safari and investigates a murder; 3 in the Jazz Age series. Annette Meyers, Free Love , about a woman poet in Greenwich Village during the Roaring Twenties who suddenly finds herself involved in a case of murder; 1 in the Olivia Brown mystery series.

Annette Meyers, Murder Me Now , about a woman poet during the Roaring Twenties who discovers a corpse at a house party and teams up with a private investigator to solve a mystery which seems to have its origins in the sinister Black Hand organization; 2 in the Olivia Brown mystery series.


Mary Miley, The Impersonator , about a young Vaudeville actress whose life is threatened after she agrees to impersonate a missing heiress; 1 in the Roaring Twenties mystery series. Mary Miley, Silent Murders , about a Hollywood script girl who learns that an old friend of hers and a movie director were murdered following the director's party, and is in a unique position to investigate the crime; 2 in the Roaring Twenties mystery series.

Murphy, Murder Your Darlings , a mystery featuring author Dorothy Parker as the sleuth when a drama critic is stabbed to death with a pen at the Algonquin Hotel; 1 in the Algonquin Round Table mystery series. Murphy, You Might As Well Die , a mystery featuring author Dorothy Parker teaming up with Harry Houdini to investigate the apparent suicide of an illustrator whose works then triple in value; 2 in the Algonquin Round Table mystery series.

Kate Alcott, A Touch of Stardust , about a young Indiana woman who goes to Hollywood with dreams of becoming a screenwriter and gets a job in studio publicity during the filming of Gone with the Wind. Jami Attenberg, Saint Mazie , about a fun-loving woman who owns a movie theater and, as the Great Depression begins, decides to open the theater to the homeless people in her neighborhood. Lyn N. Austin, Wonderland Creek , historical romance about a bookish young woman during the Depression whose life changes after her boyfriend breaks up with her, she loses her job, and she begins doing volunteer work in the east Kentucky mountains; Christian message.

Fran Baker, The Talk of the Town , historical romance about a woman who hires an ex-con in , setting off angry gossip in her small Missouri town. Russell Banks, The Reserve , about an heiress in upstate New York whose life spins out of control during the Great Depression after her father dies and she meets a charismatic artist.

Jennifer S. Brown, Modern Girls , about a young woman in Manhattan and her Yiddish-speaking immigrant mother, who face an unexpected crisis when both become pregnant. Sandra Brown, Rainwater , a romance about a woman who runs a boarding house in central Texas while caring for her difficult ten-year-old son, when a new boarder arrives in just before violence erupts in the town. Christopher Buehlman, Those Across the River , a horror story about an unemployed veteran who moves into an old family home in Georgia to write a history of a slave-owning ancestor.

Grant Bywaters, The Red Storm , about a black former boxer in New Orleans who works as a private investigator but has difficulty finding clients until an old criminal acquaintance asks him to find his missing daughter. Tim Chapman, Bright and Yellow, Hard and Cold , about newlyweds in Chicago during the Depression whose housemates are criminals, and a present-day forensic scientist whose work puts him in conflict with a psychopath searching for gold hidden by gangsters. Ann Howard Creel, The River Widow , about a woman who in accidentally kills her abusive husband, and then makes a plan to save herself and her daughter from the man's cruel family, as she begins falling in love with a man crucial to her escape.

Sandra Dallas, Prayers for Sale , about two women who become friends in in a Colorado mining town that has suffered during the Great Depression. Rebecca Dean, The Palace Circle , about a Southern belle who marries into the British aristocracy shortly before World War II and then, disappointed to discover her husband married her only to produce heirs, has an affair with his best friend.

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Anton DiSclafani, The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls , about a fifteen-year-old Florida girl sent away from home to a boarding school in the Blue Ridge Mountains where she tries to come to terms with a tragedy for which she may be partly responsible. Review at the New York Times. Doctorow, Billy Bathgate , about a fifteen-year-old boy hired as an errand boy by a mobster in the Bronx during the Depression.

Ivan Doig, English Creek , a coming-of-age novel about a boy in rural Montana during the s. Julie Drew, Daughter of Providence , about a Rhode Island woman who discovers during the Depression that she has a half-sister raised among Portuguese immigrants and that her father has been hiding the truth about her mother. Loren D. Edward Falco, The Family Corleone , a prequel to The Godfather , about the fictional year-old Sonny Corleone in as his Mafia relatives teach him about his family's crime operations; based on a screenplay by Mario Puzo, author of The Godfather.

Ellen Feldman, Scottsboro , about nine black youths arrested on a train for fighting with white boys in Alabama in , where the charge suddenly escalates to rape of two girls who were also on the train. Jamie Ford, Songs of Willow Frost , about a twelve-year-old Chinese-American boy in Seattle, taken in by nuns after his mother disappears, who sees an actress in a movie and believes he recognizes her as his mother.

Dewey and Cokey Flo Brown, the disreputable witness who claims she has the evidence to convict gangster Lucky Luciano. Amy Greene, Bloodroot , about a family and a mother's passionate love in Tennessee's Appalachian Mountains, beginning in the s. Sara Gruen, Water for Elephants , about Depression-era circus performers and a circus elephant. Patricia Harman, The Reluctant Midwife , about a young nurse who returns to her hometown in Appalachia during the Depression, and faces a daunting challenge when a forest fire devastates a nearby Civilian Conservation Corps camp; 2 in the Hope River series.

Patricia Harman, The Runaway Midwife , about a midwife who moves to a remote Canadian island to escape from a disastrous situatioon and reinvent her life; 3 in the Hope River series.

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Homer Hickam, Carrying Albert Home , about a woman whose husband insists she give up the alligator given to her as a wedding present, upon which they embark on a trip to Florida to return it to its natural home. Ann Hite, Ghost on Black Mountain , about a girl who during the Depression years marries a seemingly charming man who is actually a vicious killer, and goes to live with him on a mountain in Appalachia that is said to be haunted.

Ann Hite, The Storycatcher , about a sixteen-year-old servant girl in North Carolina who can communicate with spirits and is the only person who can help her employer's daughter when she is haunted by a ghost. Linda Holeman, The Saffron Gate about an American woman who goes to Marrakesh in the s in search of her missing lover. Michelle Hoover, The Quickening , about two Midwestern farm women whose friendship is threatened by the secrets they keep from each other. Samantha Hunt, The Invention of Everything Else , about an unlikely friendship between the eccentric inventor Nikola Tesla and a young chambermaid in the Hotel New Yorker during the s.

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Kerry Jamieson, The Forgotten Lies , about three starlets competing to win a major role and the picture's highly desirable leading man in Hollywood. Sarah Jio, Blackberry Winter , about a Seattle mother whose son is abducted in and a modern-day reporter who discovers the story. Hillary Jordan, Mudbound , about a city woman who marries for the first time at age 31 in , and then reluctantly moves to a farm in the Mississippi Delta with her husband.

Julie Kibler, Calling Me Home , about an elderly white woman's memories of her love for a black man in s Kentucky. Lily King, Euphoria , about Margaret Mead, who while doing fieldwork in New Guinea with her husband in , falls in love with another anthropologist. Christina Baker Kline, Orphan Train , about a Penobscot Indian girl in present-day Maine and a woman who was sent from New York as a child in the s on an "orphan train" to find a new home in Minnesota. Michael Koryta, The Cypress House , about a man with an uncanny ability to sense approaching disaster who persuades a friend to get off the train they are riding, but then can't persuade him to abandon a woman in a Florida resort town headed for catastrophe.

Landis, The Valley , about the flooding of a Massachusetts valley in after the building of the Quabbin Dam. David Leavitt, The Two Hotel Francforts , about two American couples who meet in Lisbon in while waiting for a ship to take them back to the U. Julie Lessman, A Heart Revealed , historical romance about a Dublin woman who has come to Boston to escape her violent husband, where during the Depression years she falls in love with the brother of a friend; Christian message.

Jonathan Lethem, Dissident Gardens , about a mother who belongs to the American Communist Party and her children over the decades, beginning in the s. Review at Reading the Past. Adam Mansbach, The End of the Jews , a novel about several generations of an artistic Jewish family, from the s to the present. Kristina McMorris, Sold on a Monday , about a newspaper reporter and the photograph he takes of two children with a sign offering them for sale on a farmhouse porch in Susan Meissner, Stars over Sunset Boulevard , about three friends who work for Selznick Studios in Hollywood during the making of Gone with the Wind , and a present-day boutique owner who finds herself in possession of the green velvet hat worn by Vivian Leigh playing Scarlett O'Hara.

Annette Meyers, Repentances , about a Jewish immigrant in New York who discovers that his family, whose passages he paid in order to rescue them from the Nazi threat in Europe, have all died, and about a girl who grows up haunted by events stemming from that tragedy. Shandi Mitchell, Under This Unbroken Sky , about a Ukrainian immigrant and his family and the hardships the experience homesteading in Western Canada in the late s.

Nicole Mones, Night in Shanghai , about a classical pianist who moves to Shanghai in to lead a jazz orchestra of other black Americans, and falls in love with a Chinese woman obligated to serve a crime boss.

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Maryanne O'Hara, Cascade , about a Boston woman who abandons her career as an artist to marry and move to a small town to take care of her dying father. Scott Fitzgerald's life, as he attempts to make a new start as a Hollywood screenwriter. Gin Phillips, The Well and the Mine , about a girl in a miner's family in Depression-era Alabama who sees a woman throw a baby into a well, forcing her altrustic family to confront a darker side of life.

Ron Rash, Serena , about a s North Carolina lumber baron who marries an ambitious, beautiful and vengeful woman from Boston who takes an active role in his business. Erika Robuck, Call Me Zelda , about friendship between a psychiatric nurse and Zelda Fitzgerald after Zelda is committed to the Baltimore clinic where she works in Irene Sandell, In a Fevered Land , about a young Texas man and his cousin who leave cotton farming for jobs in the oil fields.

After Anna and Feared were both major hits in , and readers have every reason to be ecstatic for Someone Knows , one of the first must-read suspense thrillers coming out in Metropolis by Philip Kerr.