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Here’s a map containing all the 28 EU capital marathons I finished.

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Simply to give prices. They almost always tailor to the food of the region. Its kinda neat!

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Thanks for the article Matt. Great Article Matt! I had the chance to visit Malta while I was travelling through Libya, but never got to make it! Defiantly ion the Uncharted Backpackers to go list. Hey Matt, Good article! If I were to visit Malta, I would pack light and bring a bike. I could explore, and with some money check out a few attractions too!

Thanks for the recommendations and price information.

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Hi Matt, great article! Added Malta to my list after following some instagram accounts, solidified my decision with your post on the abandoned buildings and am beyond excited after reading this post. We are doing only two days in Malta the rest in Greece as part of our honeymoon and everything in your previous post seems like a must do? If you only had to pick things to do, what would you recommend?

Getting Around

Taxis work on a zone basis. Worth checking your departure amd destination. A short walk can save a zone change! Malta is a really nice place, especially if you are on a budget.

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You can easily get Malta even cheaper than what you write. Also food prices can be a lot lower, especially in the smaller family owned businesses. Where do you find such deals? I often go to Italy and it seems to be much cheaper — especially Sicily. Malta is definitely cheap. We called it home for a year and half after moving from the U. Someone mentioned a bike.. On the sister island of Gozo , yes. I love these kinds of articles you post Matt!

Great tips about Malta.

My favorites are Valletta, Gozo, and Marsaxlokk. Another great budget tips in Malta is to eat Kebab or Falafel, due to their somewhat Arabic heritage, there are some pretty good places to eat those dishes. They are cheap too! Not more than euros and they are more filling and healthier than the pastizzis. There is a good one in Valletta, just next to Burger King close to the bus terminal just to the left when you enter Valletta. Many of the fierce battles between the Knights and the Turks during what became known as the Great Siege of Malta raged underground. The limestone here is soft but dense, making it ideal for carving fortifications — but also for tunnelling under them.

The Knights held the line, though.

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It had a natural defensive advantage: the Mount Sciberras Peninsula overlooks what would become the Grand Harbour, and guards the deepest natural harbour in the Mediterranean. Underneath the city, in the malleable limestone, the Knights etched a gridded sewer system, and carved out caches for food and water, safe behind the city walls. It is also a rapidly changing one. As Malta urbanises and rents rise drastically , many citizens are being pushed to the suburbs, even though the bulk of the jobs here are in foreign trade, manufacturing and tourism. He also pointed the finger at the capital of culture designation.

This scheme, which has run since , injects cash into cities for a series of cultural events — music, dance, exhibitions, lectures and more — and to improve infrastructure. It can be a great opportunity for a city, but it can also lead to local tensions about over expectations, legacy and gentrification. Valletta has been no exception.

Dimech has plans of his own to open the cistern to tourists, a project that is likely to generate some debate. Over the past decade, various urban regeneration schemes have also disturbed the dormant Valletta underworld. Claude Borg was the architect in charge of the car park project, which was scrapped after the discovery.

There are rumours, he said, that the Knights built escape tunnels from the palace. If there was a secret escape route, this was it. Wijnsma — like me, Dimech and many Maltese people — is infatuated with urban underworlds, and has dedicated much time to digging them herself, often without permission.

For her new project in Valletta, therefore, Wijnsma decided to do a 3D scan of the cistern, so that visitors can explore the tunnels without having to climb into them. Inside the tunnel, she also proposes making a digital connection to Leeuwarden, the other European capital of culture , turning the cistern into a virtual wormhole between the two cities.

Borg was the first to step foot into the cistern since the second world war. Repaving works on Republic Street had broken through Great Siege Square, and he was called in to assess the damage. He descended with a colleague, who grabbed hold of a ficus root hanging from the ceiling — and brought down a large block on her head. This is because there is a direct relationship in Valletta between the underground and the surface: many urban open spaces exist precisely because the void underneath makes it challenging to build above them. To locate cavernous underground spaces, tunnel hunters often pore over aerial images looking for open spaces like parks and squares.

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An observant visitor to Valletta will notice, for example, that several open expanses between buildings are covered in what resemble giant stone mushrooms. Records say that 12 cisterns, similar to the Great Siege cistern, stored fresh water for the city, and could quench the thirst of 40, people for four months. Most of these cisterns are located under public squares.

Valletta also once had an underground railway , which served as an air-raid shelter for 5, citizens during the second world war. Today, a linear park runs atop the railway, which tunnel anoraks will tell you is no coincidence: as above, so below. Francisco was a great guide, taking me around all of the major sites of Porto and providing good information on each area. He took a number of pictures and videos during our run and I have a great momento of my trip.

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Not only was this a unique way to explore the city but also meant I was able to keep up my training. Its historical grandeur has left its mark with ornate churches, impressive architecture and a whole host of stories. Running Tours in Porto cover all of the key sights of the city. The Ribeira neighbourhood is a feast for the eyes due to the zigzagging alleyways and houses adorned with pastel colours and azulejos — the tiles that Portugal is famous for. As an informal non-disclaimer, this is absolutely not suitable for vegetarians or those keeping an eye on their waistline.