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In the 80s, Chinese parks brimmed at dawn with some million people performing slow-movement exercises known as qigong. But Master Li uniquely placed emphasis not on healing or supernormal abilities, but on self-cultivation towards spiritual perfection. Institutional Login.


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20 years on, Falun Gong survives underground in China

Additional Information. Project MUSE Mission Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. Since July 22, people from all trades and the medias started a high-powered movement of exposing and criticizing Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong. All these were to the great satisfaction of the people. Actually, as early as in , the Buddhist circle in China took the lead in the in-depth and firm exposure and criticism of Falun Gong.

Since its establishment in , Falun Gong developed rapidly. By holding up the "highest Buddhadharma", Li Hongzhi taught his "Gong" through training sessions, boasting about mysteries and immortality and trumpeting feudal superstitions.

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His willful distortion, defamation and utilization of Buddhism caused the attention as well as great dissatisfaction of the Buddhist circle long before. At the same time, some people in the Buddhist circle, including Master Miao Hua, Kulapati Zheng Songying, and Kulapati Chen Xingqiao, also reported the Falun Gong issue to relevant government departments through various ways, expressing the rage in the Buddhist circle toward the distortion and utilization of Buddhism by Falun Gong.

Kulapati Chen Xingqiao, vice secretary-general of the Buddhist Association of Harbin at the time, once listened to the preaching of Li Hongzhi about the fallacies and absurdities of "Falun Dafa" at the ice hockey stadium of Harbin in He discovered that, while declaring that Falun Gong was the highest Buddhadharma and indicating that his power was superior to Sakyamuni and all other sages, Li Hongzhi was totally ignorant of Buddhadharma and made mistakes about the basic knowledge of Buddhism. For instance, Li took Buddha and Tathagata as two different levels of enlightenment; he interpreted the three realms in Buddhism the desire realm, the form realm, and the formless realm as the heavenly realm, the earthly realm, and the humanly realm which is a theory of Shamanism ; he arrogated to have innumerable dharmakayas according to Buddhism dharmakaya is not differentiated by number ; he gave color to ridiculous arguments such as the "explosion of the earth"; and he claimed that those who believed in Falun Gong would never become ill.

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However, just at that time, a practitioner over 50, who specially came from Jinzhou, Liaoning Province to listen to his preach, was taken in and attended his class while being sick, and later died just outside the meeting place. Before his death, his daughter pleaded to Li Hongzhi to save him, but Li Hongzhi said he usually did not treat patients, and in any case, the man was there too late. Li Hongzhi charged 53 Yuan for each ticket of his speech in Harbin.

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With an audience of about , he earned over , Yuan. Kulapati Chen Xingqiao was very angry with the irresponsible and deceptive acts of Li Hongzhi intended to fool the public. He specially bought a set of books of Li Hongzhi, studied them thoroughly, and wrote a lengthy criticizing article, "Discovering the True Colors of Falun Gong - a New Folk Religion" in This article, by analyzing the relationship between Falun Gong and Qigong, Buddhism, science, and folk religions, revealed in depth the double trick of Li Hongzhi in destroying Qigong and practicing crooked means in the disguise of Qigong, distorting and defaming Buddhism in the disguise of Buddhadharma, and opposing science in the disguise of science, and concluded that Falun Gong was in fact a new type of folk religion, and was a cult as against Buddhism.

The article thoroughly analyzed the causes of the formation of Falun Gong and its harms, with the hope that the relevant state departments would pay more attention to the Falun Gong cult and take firm actions. Zhao Puchu, president of the Buddhist Association of China, agreed to publish this article after reading it, and asked to publish another article about true Buddhist "Qigong". So the article was published in the 2nd issue of of "Research Update" of the Buddhist Association of China, causing the attention of the Buddhist circle and relevant parties.

At the same time, Kulapati Chen Xingqiao also wrote another article entitled "Introduction to Buddhist Qigong", explaining the true nature of "Buddhist Qigong" from a positive aspect.